Teaching Resources for Science, Physics & Maths

Teaching Resources for Science, Physics & Maths

We have been developing and delivering management, leadership and personal development learning solutions since 1994 initially as down associates. We work with private, non-profit and public sector organisations including large French teachers central government departments and agencies. Our continued success is based on:

Training videos

Using videos as a resource is one of the best ways of educating a diverse audience quickly. Plus, it’s something you can use over and over again.

So, if you have your own tutoring business, for example, wouldn’t it make sense to have training videos that you can repeatedly use?

They will not only help you to deliver a successful, modern service that will keep your pupils but will be much more cost-effective in the long run. 


We develop and facilitate management, leadership and personal development interventions customised to meet our clients’ business. Our solutions are leading-edge, participant proactive, fun, and give real value for money.

Our expertise covers over 200 topic areas – clients can be assured of working with a professional training maths teaching provider with considerable experience. We facilitate learning and development programmes to approximately 5,000 people every year throughout the UK.


Large UK central government departments, government agencies, private sector clients from all sectors of industry and with and non profit organisations.


Value for money learning programmes that meet the requirements of our clients and consistent with the culture of the client’s organisation. A single source of management and personal development learning to suit clients needs, each programme resourced to meet each specific need which is underpinned by our ISO quality assurance system.

Other teaching websites that you might find useful for French for beginners or for getting into teacher read here.

Also, please feel free to use the message board to ask other teachers for advice or hints and tips about anything they may have used. I hope you find the site useful.