More Infromation on English Courses

Whether your experience with languages is one of success or failure, whether you speak not a word, have survival skills picked up at evening classes, or a rusty GCSE or A-level, this unique training can help you. You can choose to take it very intensively (twelve hours over two days) or more regularly (a few hours weekly over a longer period).

You can take your training as intensive English study days, either residentially or by arranging English teacher job London tuition to take place at your office or your home. Regular non-intensive tuition is also available.

Your English course will be designed uniquely for you, to reflect your interests, meet your needs, remedy your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

We are a strategic, personal service provided in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. It offers the same experienced, professional approach to language learning as you could find at some of the prestigious international business training centres near London, but at an appropriately modest cost.